The foam mattress industry has evolved in the past few years. Technology and innovations have made the foam mattress industry a big one. The mattress industry’s success can judge the fact that a person spends one-third of his/her lifetime on a bed. People love to invest in their sleep if the mattress is according to their needs and preferences. Take an example of a memory foam mattress. Traditional memory foam mattresses had overheating issues, which was the biggest drawback. The innovation in memory foam mattress resulted in gel memory foam mattress and open cell memory foam mattress. The overheating issue was resolved, and these new memory mattresses made it possible to sleep at high temperatures.  The Foam mattress is quite different from the latex mattress and spring mattress. The reason why people prefer foam mattresses is that it gives perfect comfort and support. It conforms to the body resulting in pressure relief. The support provided by the foam mattress does not allow the body to sink too much, which may cause various complications. Foam mattresses also have motion isolation, which does not transfer motion from one part of the mattress to another. The latest growth in the “bed inbox” industry has also made foam mattresses popular. People nowadays prefer online buying as they want to save time, money, and effort. Data tells us that more than 200 online retail mattress stores as foam mattresses are easy to compress, so a bed in a box is made of a foam mattress. These mattresses are then compressed by heavy machinery and shipped to the desired locations.

The best foam mattresses in 2020

The best foam mattress includes multiple layers. The more the layers, the more comfortable and supportive bed will be. Multiple comfort layers relieve the pressure on the body and make a perfect cradle for you. The support layers make sure that your body does not sink too much inside the mattress. That is why the foam mattresses are available in varying firmness. The firmness of the foam mattress is measured from 1 to 10. One indicates soft, and 10 shows a firm mattress, which means that a bed with firmness level 5 will fall in the medium firmness category. This variation in firmness is due to individual preferences, body type, body weight, and sleeping position. Mattresses available in 2020 come with dual firmness. Each side of the foam mattress has a different level of firmness. These mattresses are more suitable as they suit people having different needs and preferences. Another bed available contains a perforated layer on top that allows airflow for cooling. One of the best foam mattresses of 2020 is the foam mattress that is 12 inches tall. It has three layers. The bottom layer is 6 inches thick. It has a thick base. The transition layer is 2 inches thick. The Top layer is 3 inches thick and is made of memory foam mixed with the gel that keeps the mattress cool.